Saturday, June 05, 2010

Double Six Gallery at Grace Point

Grace Point Kota Kinabalu; a memorial to the "Double Six" Tragedy (center), a food court, a jogging track, and a new building (left of photo).

The memorial to the plane crash site. In 1976, this spot was in the sea (just off the shore). Progress is in reclamation!

That new building had been constructed last year. I noticed some activity in the past week and saw the curtains installed yesterday. This morning, a cleaning crew was at work inside and outside.

I saw it was named "The Double Six Gallery".

The very "Artistic" poster at the front. I have heard some locals calling Grace Point "666" instead of Double Six. I suppose they included the third six from "1976"!

It seems that the place is by DBKK (KK City Council). They expect visitors (adults) to pay RM2 each. I would expect mostly tourists to visit!

I have no idea when it will officially open. But since tomorrow is 6 June 2010, it should be the right date for the official opening. If true, then the lack of publicity is a sad reflection.